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2019 – the road to 2020

It’s time again to update this thing-

Hey guys, so a lot has changed since the last update. To sum it up, I decided to give up on the game making part of this project and focus all on to the animation instead. This is a story driven project and the main factor in changing it is money, as well as time. The original programmer who agreed to help me out quit on me because he required more money to continue the work. I fell deep into debt, even now my living quarters is threatened because i have insufficient funds for rent and to even live my own life let alone drag this project forward. I am in the deepest level of darkness now, as winter bashes me all around town with it’s freezing weather, I’m trying my best to keep alive and well. Negative thoughts fill my mind, and all I want to do is quit life as a whole because it’s getting so unbearable to think of what is to come. I dread things like being homeless and losing everything I have. All my work…

My new job that I acquired last August 2018 has help me keep afloat but it isn’t enough. So I’m looking ways to get an extra income and it has been a tough road. I also did some updates here on this page links to direct to the new patreon page that YOU can help me out. I also have a more in-depth description on why I stopped working on the game there if you are curious. Also head over to to know more as well.

Ugh, I feel like I’m lost in the sea of darkness as the only light i see here at the end is this project.

At work I’m letting people know about this page, about my project. I worked so hard on it for years now, and all I want is peace and the ability to focus on it more than anything else. Alas, I’m way more alone than ever before. I don’t have anyone helping me, and as a crohn’s sufferer, it gets hard. As I write this, I don’t even have enough food for the next few days. I will have to ask the gov… oh right, that shutdown is hurting everyone now with that. Great, that’s another obstacle, to try and get gov assistance. I really don’t know how to get help, of course I’ll google it, but going through the process overwhelms me. I just need a hug right now.

With all of that said, I have to do things that I never dreamed of doing just to keep a roof over my head this season.

I’ll march on for sure, but I’m very sad and scared right now.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you have a happy new year.


Spring March 21 2018 update: The Solution

Hey guys!

Here is the scoop on what’s happening with Dark Zeta.

I have been in a very tight financial situation since my investments in cryptocurrency has failed me to yield what I needed to fuel my game projects. The projection of march from November of 2017 has failed and most plans of 2018 have been set back further in time, as the bad news. The good news is the solution for the present time I’m using every dime I have to push forward an alpha build ready for submission at the Boston Festival of indie games. This means cancelling on going to Game developers conference, Penny Arcade Expo East, and even going to after parties. The total focus now is only exclusively for the development of DARK ZETA until I can get it to marketable shape. That also means pausing DZC 2020 project, and pushing the release of that to 2021. I want to get DARK ZETA ready for November 2018 release but it isn’t going to happen without your help.

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DARK ZETA Blog post # 1!

Hey folks!

Welcome to my Dark Zeta’s official revamped website, featuring a dev blog!!! 😀

This site was planned long ago to have a blog and such, but I decided to cast it together with my personal blog site to talk about it then. That was then but now I retracted that notion and instead wanted to get an official base for everything DARK ZETA to build off instead of having it fragmented elsewhere.

So stay tuned for more awesomeness coming soon!

– g –