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A New Chapter Begins (Long Edition) – July 29 2017

Hey folks!

I apologize for not updating in the last year with stuff. My life got a bit hectic with changes and all. My attention went all around the block of life. The good news is that now I got a reprieve from the hectic motions of it to focus on the universe of my passion DARK ZETA. Yes universe, in which I mean the whole of it, not just exclusively just 1 game set, but the overall overlapping account of an expansive universe in its entirety.

Let’s see where should I start… Ah yes! From July 29 2016 to today.

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Internal Disruption – 10/25/2016

Hey guys!

It’s been eons I know since the last update, but things have been really tough over here to manage since I cut ties from several business individuals. I had no choice in it really because when you are hit by signs of instabilities and folks want to hold you back because they have their own opinions on the matter, you simply just have to realize the conflict of direction & interests won’t help progress the issue at hand. This happened in the summer, and then I was extremely emotional about it and very tired of people just either riding me like a fool or just tagging along without anything essential to add to get stuff done. That last part is for those who want to make games, but don’t have any skill to contribute, I suggest just either go to school to get professional instructions on how, or find it within yourselves to teach oneself on the subject.

One thing to add is that I’m not a babysitter and I still felt I was alone anyways with folks trying to sway me away from the main focus. My first creative partner I had on the project I have to express is a god when it comes to composing music and design. Sadly with him, life just could not cut him a break and misunderstandings lead us to shatter ties.

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News for July 2nd 2016

Hi folks!

It’s been a bit of a while since I’ve updated this site. I’ve been rearranging things around and finding help to keep the project going. I finally got in talks with a programmer that can help me get this awesome project to the next level. The downside is that I’m fatigued out of cash to help push it further. Please, if you can, help me out by either buying my demo for $0.50 cents or pitching any amount to my gofundme campaign!


Other than that, I’m stuck. I have to pause production to find funds in order to drive the project forward. So far my t-shirt online shop experiment is a bust. I can’t control the material prices, as most of it is really expensive. Add my art part and the prices blows up to an unattractive amount. It was good to try out but now I’m stuck again. Trust me, more content and detail will come out if I could get some help about this.

In the meantime I’ll be solving this issue.