Profile: Dark Alpha

Dark Alpha/Dark Omega/Sol Maximus

Age: (Pre-Chronicles, Vol1,Vol1.5,Vol2,Part 2,3) 10 – 13, (Chronicles) 17 – 30, (Post chronicles as —-) 35.
Species: Unregistered (spawned from the surreal world depths from three kinds of X-factors mixing, the Cro Egg, the head of an An in a navy blue pool, and the energy of the Tear of Reality)
Height: 58 inches
Abilities: Is able to take up any job imaginable by the song of dreams (that’s when Almin, the guardian of Dreams, teaches him how to)
info: Dark Alpha is an inter-dimensional being from the split surreal world of Somniumus (Somnium for short). In the pre-chronicles era, Dark initially learns how to adapt different elemental powers from learning the different songs he obtains. Initially Almin teaches him a limited set of songs just before Dark Zeta II.

Dark has two siblings – Nina and Jetty. Nina is related by the mixture experiments that Almin has performed using an alteration of the DNA that Dark has. The same goes with Jetty, who was designed to be a brain and helper to invent machines for Almin. Dark was designed to be Almin’s new special species of intelligent beings in the lonely world of Somnium. Dark’s Grandpa was the fail experiment of such idealistic goal, but remains to be an archive of information from history’s past.

With the qualities of humans that Dark and his family has, it gives the same degree of emotions that four dimensional people can relate. Dark was raised to take care of the nexus and look out for anything, like a guard, but not so much with it seeing in the pre-chronicles he usually is out playing and exploring as if he was a human child. Grandpa usually monitors him and corrects him, while Almin schools the kids on the world’s history and fundamental basics.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes exists in this surreal like world in Somnium. For instance, species comes from a puddle of special liquid matter that is excreted from the ground beneath in pressure zones where energy of the tower dimensional nexus expels. The flow of energy in this world always manifests in different forms such like it radiates from the ceiling to create light in the subterranean caverns that are deep.

Dark alpha is dark because of an unknown substance that was able to manifest and form him. But like a diamond, the stress in the creation of the hero resulted him to become alive. The energy source that shook him alive came from the tear of reality (Silver Crystal). The Guardian of Dreams made the astounding achievement in combining the compounds, but only could have the ability to do so once, as the link to the Tear of Reality disconnected and locked away in another world just when Dark’s form was rising. This foreshadows Dark’s final journey as he is promised to fully become a super being when certain conditions are met.

His powers are relative to his world of dreams
So he learns later to summon elements
And the big bad guy who he faces in the end acts as his true elemental opposite, as Dark becomes the shining light of Sol Maximus when he learns of something that sets him off into the next level.