This is the site where all of DARK ZETA is showcased! Currently planned on this site I’ll have Character Profiles, Web comics, animations, and behind the scenes game previews! So stay tuned!  


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Game Overview

For DARK ZETA – Prelude into the light


Action, Adventure, RPG, Top-Down

Release Date



Valerius Games, Gerardo Valerio


PC, Android, iOS

The game takes place in the land of Somnium within the surreal dimension of dreams and wishes. One night a dark cloud came over and started to cover everything in its path. Grandfather of the tribe, Benino, warns everyone of this ominous dark cloud and heads towards the tower of Dreams. There Dark is helping out his master, the guardian of dreams, who he overlooks the entire world from the Tower. Then, a shadow beast takes hold of the entire tribe and Dark’s family! The Guardian of dreams acts quickly to protect Dark from being taken, thus his  physical form splits up into DREAM STONES all across Somnium to protect all from the cloud of darkness! Dark embarks on his new quest to save his family and the land from The Surreal Menace!

Uncover the Whole Story

Secrets lie within. The password system left over from development gives players access to many points in game. 

The Legend lives!

Hey guys! A very long time since my last post, but I'm still here, alive! After 4 years of so many events and such, I'm back again to change things up and continue working on this update of the site. Many of you might be coming here discovering that this place exists...

Scheduling to Restart the Project again…

Hey guys! So I'm rescheduling once again to restart on development of Dark Zeta project (Project DB) once again. The Last 4 years since the teaser trailer was started has been really challenging to keep moral and motivation up to work on this project. Ultimately what...

2019 – the road to 2020

It's time again to update this thing- Hey guys, so a lot has changed since the last update. To sum it up, I decided to give up on the game making part of this project and focus all on to the animation instead. This is a story driven project and the main factor in...

Spring March 21 2018 update: The Solution

Hey guys! Here is the scoop on what's happening with Dark Zeta. I have been in a very tight financial situation since my investments in cryptocurrency has failed me to yield what I needed to fuel my game projects. The projection of march from November of 2017 has...

A New Chapter Begins (Long Edition) – July 29 2017

Hey folks! I apologize for not updating in the last year with stuff. My life got a bit hectic with changes and all. My attention went all around the block of life. The good news is that now I got a reprieve from the hectic motions of it to focus on the universe of my...

Internal Disruption – 10/25/2016

Hey guys! It's been eons I know since the last update, but things have been really tough over here to manage since I cut ties from several business individuals. I had no choice in it really because when you are hit by signs of instabilities and folks want to hold you...