Hey guys!

Here is the scoop on what’s happening with Dark Zeta.

I have been in a very tight financial situation since my investments in cryptocurrency has failed me to yield what I needed to fuel my game projects. The projection of march from November of 2017 has failed and most plans of 2018 have been set back further in time, as the bad news. The good news is the solution for the present time I’m using every dime I have to push forward an alpha build ready for submission at the Boston Festival of indie games. This means cancelling on going to Game developers conference, Penny Arcade Expo East, and even going to after parties. The total focus now is only exclusively for the development of DARK ZETA until I can get it to marketable shape. That also means pausing DZC 2020 project, and pushing the release of that to 2021. I want to get DARK ZETA ready for November 2018 release but it isn’t going to happen without your help.


I’m doing all I can to getting this finished. I assigned a new programmer to help out and also two very talented musicians to do music for the game. I’m in charge of the art and project management so I have my hands full.

Here some progress shots just to let you see –


Kony Jr, Emissary of Darkness!

Screenshot DARKZETA – HUD system


Okay, as you see things have been cooking. The period between August 2017 to January 2018 was a really bumpy one since my focus went directly on bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. Again, it went nowhere. The crash of Christmas left me high and dry, and my investments in lending programs have made me lost thousands. And yes I felt suicide was an option because it failed so badly as I felt I let my family and home down. I did pull a significant out that helped to hold me up for the moment but it wasn’t enough. Where I live is way too expensive to sustain and soon I’ll be forced to move out. So in my dying breath of monetary stamina, I’m pooling everything I got to the project. Again, if you want to help, you can donate, or even buy some merchandise to support my cause.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!

– g –