Hey guys! A very long time since my last post, but I’m still here, alive! After 4 years of so many events and such, I’m back again to change things up and continue working on this update of the site.

Many of you might be coming here discovering that this place exists – It has been since 2016 that I have been revamping this site, but since 2020 that I changed the framework of this site to look this way. The background image for instance was done live on twitch in 2018 to be used for this site and as a t-shirt graphic design too, which you can buy online at your leisure here.

Adult Dark Alpha P4 Model 450K Showcase (v1) by GerardoLegend on Sketchfab

Anyhow, my plans continue as a lone developer per usual after the fallout and lessons learned from the past 5 years. I see that I cannot sustain myself to focus on development without insurance of income for financial security. Since I was pushed to sell my childhood home, I saw myself to be irresponsible still with my time and didn’t force myself hard enough to focus on this project. Instead, my focus went into learning how to 3D print and design, very far from using my money and time for this project because of the earlier failings indicating me to quit it. I regret deciding to do such things, and now I have way too much on my failings as a 3D printer. I plan to consolidate my investments, incorporating also Dark Zeta 3D printed figures once i can get enough traction with this project.

So first thing is to finalize Version 3 from under construction limbo and publish it already. After that, I will publish my roadmap for this project and other little axillary of things. Then go ham on working on the game project itself once i can get folks interests peaked again. Regardless though, I’m going to treat this project as a hobby and do what I can when I can.

In closing, I’m going to build more stuff as I go with this website as a vehicle to showcase some more cool stuff of it. So stay tuned!!!!